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Boarding House

International Boarding Community

Our campus is equipped with one of the most modernly-designed boarding facilities in the Greater Bay Area, building an immersive community to “explore, experience and grow”.

There is a shared area for students to study and relax in their spare time. Each floor is equipped with a student lounge and two permanent residing house parents to guide and encourage each boarder whilst also ensuring their physical and mental wellbeing.

Professional International and Chinese boarding management team with Head of Boarding from the UK. Our practice and environment aim to promote the mental and physical health, welfare and wellbeing of each individual. We encourage students to learn how to get along with others. Through common practice and activity, students will develop a sense of identity in a community and build their characters. Besides, partnership with parents or other guardians will be embraced through effective communication.

In terms of security, ISA Liwan School boarding house, implements strict management regarding behavior and security -- access and a curfew system. House parents are “ever present” for counselling and take regular roll-calls to ensure the safety of all their boarding students.