Specilised Courses Specilised Courses

Specilised Courses

Rich CCA Courses

More than 100 supplementary courses are available, including sports, art, humanities, and science.


Language and Cultures

According to the needs of different age levels, ISA Liwan provide Chinese and English dual-native language teaching for all students in the IB Programme to help students become “Chinese-English International talents” who will enter the world stage with a confident and firm attitude.

Additional second foreign language courses such as French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean are offered for students to meet the needs of multicultural communication.


STEAM Courses

Multidisciplinary integration: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

Courses offered: CS, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), DT, Programming, Mathematical Modeling, Drones/UAV, Experimental Science, etc.

Three independent functional areas for teaching: ICT, DT, Digital Media(DM).

Advanced equipment: laser cutter,3D printer, robotic dog, Robotics, drones, and precision machining equipment, etc.

Software categories: 2D graphics processing, audio and video processing database programming languages, network security, telecommunication, PCB design, mathematical modelling, 3D design, AI, game and animation programming, flight and car simulators, etc. 50+ in total.


Courses on Lingnan Culture

Essence of Local Culture in the National and Global Contexts

While providing extraordinary international education, ISA Liwan integrates Liwan related calligraphy, painting and other literary elements into the development of co-curriculum in the manner of immersion education, offering Cantonese opera, Cantonese sculpture and Cantonese embroidery.