ISA Pastoral Care ISA Pastoral Care

ISA Pastoral Care

ISA Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is an integral part of the ISA Liwan community, reflecting our commitment to a student-centred approach. We prioritise the happiness and well-being of our students. Through a variety of systems and initiatives, such as boarding services, communication between parents and the school, student management, mentorship programmes, and the house system, we foster a positive and inclusive school community and culture. Our objective is to cultivate an educational environment that nurtures each individual student. We have unwavering trust in their potential and are committed to empowering them to explore and navigate their own educational path in pursuit of their life goals.


International Boarding Community

Boarding is regarded as an essential Programme including the aspects of evening tutoring, leadership course, principals’ dinner gala, and additional activities including Sport, Art, Academic, Science, etc.

ISA Liwan provides arts activities, sports programmes and community activities including but not limited to:

  • HoS Night
  • Appreciation Dinner
  • Group Birthday Party
  • Movie Night
  • Student Voice Meeting
  • Leadership Programmes
  • Weekend City Tour:Explore the Lingnan culture, visit the Chen Ancestral Temple and the Guangzhou Tower etc.

House System

With a higher ratio of “adult caring for children”, House system provides personalised care and helps to establish closer connections with students, thereby better meeting their social and emotional needs, offering various programmes such as competitions, seminars, and social activities to students on a house basis. House system enhances friendships among students, fostering healthy competitive relationships, establishing close bonds between teachers and students, and fostering a sense of belonging and collective identity among students.


Academic Support

We recognize that each student is unique and has individual needs. ISA adheres to the concept of “student-centred” education and helps students with different abilities find their own pace and way of learning. We have opened the Learning Support Center to create such a positive environment and curriculum, leading students to better themselves, and helping them to succeed in our learning program and thrive in our community.

Fully integrate into the teaching department, cooperate with the humanistic and mental care department, connect closely with the psychological department, and deeply communicate with the college entrance guidance department. The three-dimensional structure, from the future planning to the immediate goal, starts from the heart, drive and awareness, becoming the people of the world in their own eyes.

Psychological Counselling

ISA International Education Group has established the Student Support Centre, which will provide students with learning support and psychological counselling.

Experienced psychological experts and teachers provide staff and students with psychological counselling services including lectures and group recreational activities, creating a closer relationship between teachers and students, and supporting the overall healthy growth of the students.

Sports and Health

In ISA Liwan, physical education is the practice of lifelong learning and whole-person education.

Our experienced physical education teachers provide students with an adequate and extensive physical education curriculum and conduct both process and outcome assessment. We will not only provide exercise lessons for students, but also teach them about the benefits of regular exercise and healthy food choices, as well as the risks of inactivity and poor diet.

Sport is an inclusive programme that allows students to learn and improve their sports skills in an interactive and competitive environment through fun and learning. At the same time, sports also help students develop social skills. For example, team sports help them learn to respect others and contribute to team goals.

Through physical education, students will develop their physical fitness, self-confidence and social skills, and prepare themselves physically and mentally for the future.

Charity Events

Students are encouraged to integrate what they learn in the school with the development needs of the community by participating in projects or activities that aim to help others and develop a sense of responsibility and care for the community.

ISA combines curriculums with the charity programmes, such as Charity Walkathon, Visiting children with hearing-impaired, Charity Booth in the ISA Festival etc. Students have the opportunity to lead and organize charity events and improve their leadership, problem-solving and teamwork skills.

Multi-dimension Home-School Communication

It is vital to build a close home-school partnerships that benefit students’ learning, behaviour and ability to focus. The aim is to create a joyful, caring and supportive learning community by working closely with parents and the wider community.